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Training plans for specific races

These training plans are created specifically for races that not only place unique demands on the runner but also those for which we have in-depth knowledge and experience.

Hastings Half Marathon Training Plan

The Hastings Half Marathon has a long and illustrious history. Many runners call it a 'London Marathon by the sea'. Not because of its size — the field is only about 10% of the famous London race, but because of the atmosphere and support around the course. It is the primary focus for many runners in the south east of England; for many others it is a key warm-up race for a spring marathon.

But why does it demand a unique approach? There is a paradox surrounding the Hastings Half. It is a demanding course for sure, with some daunting hills, but it is also potentially a fast course; PBs are not unusual at Hastings and the course record of 1.01.37 (in 1999) makes it one of the fastest in the UK. The impressive times at Hastings are largely due the the high-quality fields assembled, nevertheless, if it's run with the correct approach, you can achieve a very satisfying time. But, you can also fall part horribly which is quite unusual over the half marathon distance.

Beachy Head Marathon Training Plan

The Beachy Head Marathon is one of the largest off-road marathons in the UK. It is also one of the most demanding courses. The hills are plentiful and some are very steep. The last 8 miles are the most testing of the route, including the very dramatic Seven Sisters and of course a climb up and over Beachy Head at 24 miles.
Runners who are not prepared for the unique challenge of the final miles (and also the testing first half) risk losing huge amounts of time and even the finishers' medal.

We have been running this race since the 1990s when it was called the Seven Sisters Marathon, and it has changed very little since then.

Great North Run Training Plan

What's so special about the Great North Run, from Newcastle to South Shields in the north east of England?
Well, it's huge, typically one of the biggest two half marathons in the world. The course is point-to-point and running times are therefore markedly affected by wind direction. It is also slightly downhill overall, although many runners would say that it feels uphill for much of the way.
There is a great opportunity at the GNR to run your quickest time, but there are also other aspects that, if ignored, can produce huge disappointment.

Of course, all races are unique, but some demand a unique approach if you are to run them effectively. We are glad to be able to offer specially tailored training plans for some of these races that we know well.

Our bespoke training schedules span a limited duration (chosen by you), so there are no recurrent monthly costs. The races above will usually warrant a long training plan. But, it's up to you, choose the length of program that you want — you can always come back for more!

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