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Why don't we offer downloadable training plans for weight loss?
(but we do offer a guide, and we do have another site Run-Slim for anyone who wants to lose weight by running)

Losing weight is easy; the hard bit is keeping it off.
Running is a very effective way to lose weight; it can burn very high amounts of energy and hence calories.
But, like diets or any other weight-loss strategy, the effect can be temporary. If we cease running then weight-gain will follow unless some other means is used to restore the energy balance. And, in all likelihood, the resultant weight gain will take us right back to where we were before we started, and possibly heavier.
So, it's important to address the reasons for the energy imbalance, and we cannot do that by just offering you a generic weight loss training plan to download.

We believe that successful weight loss is achieved by shifting focus away from losing weight. Why this paradox? Losing weight is filled with many negative connotations. Concentrating our thoughts on something that we don't like about ourselves is not very healthy for our self-esteem or confidence; two characteristics we should really be building up, not tearing down. If we focus on weight loss, then also, by implication, we focus on the fact that we've failed to control our weight in the past.

Whilst this might be true, we do not really want to be convincing ourselves how bad we are at controlling our weight. Losing weight can become very disheartening and downright depressing, it's best if we don't think about it too much; it is not likely to place us in the positive, optimistic frame of mind we need if we are to embark on (and stick to) an exercise regime and healthy lifestyle.

So, if we shouldn't be thinking about losing weight, what should we be thinking about instead? Before we answer that, how about answering another question first.

Why do YOU want to lose weight?

Few of us actually need to lose weight per se; the amount we weigh is irrelevant to most of us, it is just a measuring stick. What matters more, if we are honest, is our appearance: how we look in the mirror and our perception of the way we look to others. Our health is important too: carrying too much fat is not good for us. And, what about our lifestyles, wouldn't life be much more invigorating if we could do more with our bodies than they can perhaps do at the moment?

These are much more positive aims to have: to be fitter, trimmer, more physically able, and dare we say it more attractive? These aims are much more stimulating and we can do so much more with them than we can with that old ineffective goal of losing weight.

These are the reasons we do not offer downloadable training plans for weight loss.

So how can we help you?

Well, you can use one of our training plans to help you get fitter and healthier, and help you to turn your attention to where it needs to be.

Or you can use one of our bespoke training schedules, where you tell us about yourself and we are better able to help you effectvely because we know something about you and are able to guide you in a more personal way.

How can you help yourself?

Take a look at our book, Running Trim

Discover how to get in shape and win the weight battle for good without the negativity and hardship that surrounds traditional weight loss methods.

Read the first section for free and see why you don't need to diet.

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