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Personalised training plans for runners

A personal running schedule is almost always going to be more effective than one that comes from a book or magazine. So if you want to get the most from your running training then this is what we recommend. You can have a training plan tailored to your own specific goals, be they running your first 10k or running a marathon faster than you've ever done before. Or maybe you want to lose a few pounds in weight, or just feel better — and running certainly is a great way to achieve both of these.

Take a look around this site and get a feel for the way we work. Then, if you'd like us to help you move forwards with your running, and faster, order your own training plan below.

Your training plan will include:

    • An assessment of where you are now: present fitness, running experience, age, lifestyle, general health, weight, training time available, and an idea of where you want to be and what your goals are, both short term and longer.
    • A realistic appraisal of what you can achieve; both short and longer term.
    • A fortnightly schedule emailed to you, built around your assesment, that will be reviewed and adjusted according to your feedback and progress.
    • Email support as you train and develop.
    • A fortnightly telephone conversation to give us more detailed feedback and you an opportunity discuss your training or fitness.
    • Advice on nutrition, stretching, cross training, sports psychology and motivation.

The cost is £30 per month and you can train with us for as long as you want to.
If you want more info, then get in touch, or if you'd like to get started straight away then order below. You'll then receive your assessment questionnaire and we'll be in touch soon after.

Enrol on the Running Training Plan personal coaching service by clicking the button below.
You can use Paypal, your credit card or bank account.
Your payment will be made to Graham Chapman.

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