Increase your muscle strength with visualisation

think yourself strong

Is it really possible to build muscle and get stronger without doing any physical exercise, but instead just by thinking about doing the exercise?

The science says yes. Perhaps it’s easier to understand when we consider

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10k Session based on the science of Peter Snell

Peter Snell had a rather brief athletic career. A surprise 800m Gold in the 1960 Rome Olympics, world records for 800m, 880yds and 1 mile in 1962. Olympic Golds for 800m and 1500m in 1964. In

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Don’t catch a cold losing sleep

The runners’ nightmare scenario: 15 weeks into a 16-week marathon schedule, tingling nose, sneezing, itching, sore throat, running nose. All tell-tale signs that the dreaded cold is on its way.

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How to improve 5k time without running more


The rule of specificity states that we must train the discipline that we want to improve. i.e. if you want to be a faster runner, then run, don’t cycle. Of course, it’s not quite

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Reviews

In the list of reasons why people run, weight loss comes near the top.

Running is obviously a very effective way to reduce and control weight. Indeed, many runners who started when overweight have long

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Jo Pavey 10k Training Session

stopwatch running track

Jo Pavey’s extraordinary run in the European Championships 10000m has certainly made more than a few runners think again about what they can achieve.

In a recent issue of Runner’s World

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