Barefoot Running Survey – some interesting figures emerging

Firstly, a very big thank you to everyone who has completed the survey so far.
With over one hundred respondents recorded so far, we have the beginnings of some very useful data.

Here’s a taste:

  • 75% barefoot runners are male
  • Average age is 35
  • 65% of the barefoot miles run are on the road
  • nearly half of barefooters are running in the 8.30-10.00 min/mile speed band
  • most prevalent pre-existing injuries (before running barefoot), are to the knee
  • 60% of barefoot runners have had to cut back or moderate their barefoot running
  • 30% of barefoot runners say that barefoot running has caused injury (calf pain and top of foot pain being most prevalent)
  • 40% of barefoot runners say they now run faster, with 17% saying they have slowed
  • 86% of existing orthotic users say that they no longer use them since running barefoot or in minimalist shoes

There is plenty more data, and all of the above will have to be put into context by the other answers that have been given.

Have you tried running barefoot or in minimalist shoes?
If you have, and can spare a few minutes, here’s the barefoot running survey

Thanks again to everyone who has participated so far.


One thought on “Barefoot Running Survey – some interesting figures emerging”

  1. Blair

    I started barefoot running last summer with no education about how to properly run and found myself with some sore achilles tendons. Everything has healed and I have learned how to run with no problems.

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