Barefoot running questionnaire

~~ we have now updated our barefoot running questionnaire and repackaged it as an online survey. It is for anyone who runs (or has run) barefoot or in very minimalist shoes (a distinction is made in the survey). We are particularly interested in established runners who have introduced barefoot running to their schedules.
barefoot running survey


If you’ve just started (or recently started), you can also document your progress on this site by registering and writing a diary — see what others have written in their barefoot running diaries. Please read the posting guidelines more details and instructions.

Many thanks for participating.

One thought on “Barefoot running questionnaire”

  1. Jan Heyse

    Started in March 2012 completely barefooted, stopped by ‘exuberance’ injuries in May and July, since beginning of August a gradual buildup and now at 17 miles/week (27K) and a weekly 10K long run.

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