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    Who needs a running training plan?

    Free Training Plan Downloads

    It’s a bit like asking ‘who needs a map?’
    Without a map, you could end up anywhere.

    We specialise in personal training plans because they work better; no one size fits all. However, for those who just want the simplicity of a well-designed, sensible programme, our free schedules are a great place to start.

    Here are some free training program downloads:
    Beginners 5k training plan
    Beginners 10k training plan
    Beginners half marathon training plan
    Beginners marathon training plan

    Spice running training plans


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    But what about a running program designed just for you?

    We have two options for you.

    Bespoke Training Plans

    Check out our Bespoke Training Schedules
    You tell us about yourself, and what you want to achieve — we'll provide you with a detailed training schedule to help you get there.

    Personalised Training Plans

    Personalised training schedule updated and adapted every two weeks and regular ongoing support.
    You get a map — and a navigator to go with it.

    Standard training plans will be ok for some runners, but most people benefit from something more personal, more special and more adapted to their own running experience and goals.

    Is this you? Users of our training plans have wide and varied reasons for using them. Some people want to improve their running, some people just want to know the best way to start, so that they set off in the right direction. Some people want perhaps to shed a few pounds in bodyweight.
    They like knowing that someone will be interested in how they are progressing, knowing that someone will be gently pushing them to run further or faster or maybe just step out of the door, if that is what they want.

    They like knowing that someone is looking over their shoulder, keeping an eye on them along the way.
    It’s like having a coach, someone who knows your abilities, knows what you want to achieve and someone who will help you get there.
    Your online coach will keep you motivated, keep you stretching out (but only as far as you want). Many people use schedules published in magazines, perhaps to run a marathon within a certain time. This is great and works well for some people, that's why we provide downloadable training plans. But it is a universal solution for an individual’s objective — of course, it’s full of compromises.
    Your own running training plan is not like that, the ethos of Running Training Plan is running in the real world. Very few of us can take a schedule and stick to it exactly; life gets in the way. It might be work, family, illness or maybe even the weather that stops us from running a session as planned (or even running it at all). A training plan, for most of us, must be flexible; it's better to adapt than to lose heart because we cannot follow it.

    Your own personalised training plan will change as you do, it will adapt to your improvements, your individual needs. Importantly, it will also tell you to take it easy when you need to. Because, progress in running is not all about constantly pushing harder and harder. The body needs time to rest, rebuild and strengthen — a magazine schedule doesn’t know these things about you — we will. A magazine doesn’t know your strengths, your weaknesses, or what time or where you run — we will.

    Every couple of weeks we’ll send you a two-week schedule by email.
    It will be adapted to your lifestyle, your aims, and your capabilities.

    The truth about running is that we never really know where we are going without knowing what path we are following. Your own running training plan will be your map — a map to help you get to where you want to be — and it will take you via the great experiences running can offer.

    Running training plans designed exclusively for you,
    read more and order online here

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