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The Marathon

An event that makes special demands, and unfortunately those demands are just a little bit beyond what the human body can manage without some pretty specific training. Even with the correct training, the outcome is not always as planned; many people have quite awful marathon experiences. Indeed, anyone who has run a few has probably at least one horror story they could tell. But this is the nature of the marathon, it's what makes it such a challenge, and hence, so rewarding when it goes well.

We can improve our chances of marathon success by training properly, and how we train will depend on why, and how, we are running the marathon distance.

First, we need to ask ourselves: are we running the marathon or racing it? Racing doesn't mean trying to win, it means trying to complete the 26.2 miles as quickly as we can. Racing a marathon is full of risk; the line between our best possible performance and total breakdown in the last quarter of the race is very fine.

The marathon presents these very unique challenges because the energy required to complete the distance is greater than the energy that is readily available in the human body. If we try and race a 10k or half marathon too quickly then we usually just slow down. Yes, it can get uncomfortable and soul destroying, but usually — unless we get overheated or dehydrated — we can finish at a jog. If we step over the critcal line during a marathon, then it can get very ugly indeed.

Get in touch if you'd like us to work on a marathon training plan that is made just for you — for your target and for your lifestyle.

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