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Do you battle with weight loss?

Millions and millions of people do. But very few are shown how to win the battle. The challenge isn't one of losing the weight, rather it is one of keeping the weight off — for good. How to maintain your ideal body weight or shape without the constant battles.

According to a BBC News report, one in four adults of the UK population is dieting most of the time; that equates to around 13 million people. Obviously you are not alone if you do the same.

But why is controlling weight so hard?

According to the Daily Mail, by the age of 45 the average woman has tried 61 diets.
Why? Clearly, diets do not work.
Numerous respected sources give the failure rate for dieting as 90% and upwards. Indeed, according to another BBC News story, just one person per hundred is successful in reducing their weight permanently. The same report also went on to say that an estimated 34 million Britons were dieting during the previous year.

These reports (and many, many others besides), tell us what most people already know: losing weight and keeping it off is a very common struggle, and the widely offered solutions are not effective.

Trying to maintain body weight and shape can be soul-destroying, depressing and downright frustrating. You get your hopes up (based on the false promises of the diet promoters), go through all that denial and hardship, only to be landed back at square one. No wonder it feels like a physical and emotional rollercoaster.

Ok, so we can see that it's tough, but it's not all bad news. If you have tried a diet you have one very powerful string to your bow. You know that you are willing to do something about it. Rather than just be miserable and do nothing, you do act. All you need is to be set off in the right direction, one that really does lead you to where you want to be.
But — and it's a very big but — which direction is that?
Thankfully, it's not about denial, or doing without, or starving yourself, or feeding on unnatural products. How do we know? Because we look at what other people have done to successfully manage their weight and simply copy them. What they have done is far more positive than hardship. It's about adding things to your life, not taking away; how refreshing is that?

But it's more than refreshing — it is proven to work and is unmistakably the most effective way to manage weight.

An organisation called The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) is the largest prospective investigation of long-term successful weight loss maintenance and it gives us some great insight into how people successfully manage their weight.
What their research tells us (and other research too), is that it's about lifestyle and embracing the changes that we need to make to tip the energy imbalance towards weight loss. But — and this is vital — doing it in a sustainable way so that there is no desire or inclination to return to the lifestyle that produced the weight issue.

The plan that we have devised for you is not a diet plan; it is a life plan. We offer you the knowledge, expertise, guidance and support to set you off in the right direction and keep you on the path. But, of course, it is up to you to step on to that path.

The guide uncovers some of the mysteries of weight loss such as:

How to never yo-yo diet again
Some simple maths that's really useful to know
How to motivate yourself every day, every week
Why running speed is so important
Why you must eat at particular times
The best time to eat to burn more calories
Why putting weight on is often a good thing
When losing weight is bad
One item in the bathroom to be wary of
A trusted weight measure to be taken with a pinch of salt
Does crash dieting really work? The surprising answer
The magic ingredient in take-away food
Do this and you'll probably be injured and unable to run
The running advertisements you must ignore
When to be alarmed that you are losing weight
Fast food, friend or foe?
Why running in company can be a bad thing
One simple thing you can do to keep your programme on track
The danger signs you should never ignore
The dangers of some well-used running product
Why running at the same speed is not effective
What you need to know about supplements
Warning signs you should know

Running Trim is not just a guide on how to successfully manage your weight, it's also packed full of useful information and tips on how to run easily, enjoyably and sustainably. You can download the first section of the book completely free here.

Or, you can head over to Amazon, grab a copy now and start to discover the hugely rewarding and effective way to lose weight running.

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