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Information and useful training tools for runners, both those who are new to running and those who have been running for many years.

Some of the information is shown directly on web pages, some on our extensive news pages, and some of the longer articles are presented as Adobe PDF files. If you need Adobe Reader for the pdfs, it can be downloaded for free from

We also have book list -- the best running books -- books we think are most useful and most entertaining.

Running to be fit or getting fit to run?

Whichever, if you run then you should look after your body, it will help you be a stronger, faster, more injury-free runner. Check out our Body conditioning for runners exercises in the training sessions section.

Running Quotes

Here's a selection of the very best running quotes, to help get you (and keep you) running.

Running Barefoot

You can follow our own experiment day-by-day into the world of barefoot running
The book 'Born to Run', by Christopher McDougall, is quite possibly the most revolutionary running book to be published in recent years. It has prompted us to explore how an ordinary runner adapts to running barefoot. Read all about it and also the experiences of other barefoot runners in our barefoot running blog.

Running Fast and Injury Free — Gordon Pirie

We have a recommended book list, but this is listed here because you can download it for free below.
It's a fascinating read. Gordon Pirie was running competitively and breaking world records in the 1950s. In many ways his ideas on running were way ahead of his time. His book, Running Fast and Injury Free, has been painstakingly edited by Dr John S Gilbody. The chapter on injuries, technique and shoes is highly recommended (and rather controversial too).

Sports Massage

If you live or visit Sussex in the UK then we can offer you a professional, effective sports massage.
It will help you to keep running injury-free and also help you to get back running if you have an injury.
Sports Massage Sussex — Magic Hands Therapy

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