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The best running books

Well, we think so.
The first list is books we've read, so we know how good they are and confidently recommend them to you.
The second list have been recommended by others (we've read some of these too).

The Art of Running Faster — Julian Goater
This is our favourite training book of 2012. Written by coach and accomplished GB athlete Julian Goater, it offers sensible and tempting advice for runners of all standards. It covers many of the training aspects that most runners ignore or never really consider: Strength, Suppleness,Skill as well as the usual focus on stamina development. As the title hints, the emphasis is on how to run faster, because if we don't learn this, then how can we expect to race faster?
It is motivational, inspirational, easy to read, and highly recommended.

Born to Run -- Christopher McDougallBorn to Run
Quite possibly, and very probably, the most thought-provoking and radical book on running ever published. Full of ideas that should be common sense, but aren't because of the marketing messages runners have been subjected to over the years.
Hard to believe? It is certainly controversial in some aspects and has its critics. Read the book and decide.

Born to Run


Feet in the Clouds -- Richard AskwithFeet in the Clouds
Inspirational view into an alternative running world that few of us know about and fewer still have experienced. If you've ever thought about a fell run (and we should all do at least one), you must read this. A book about real runners and enjoying the landscape to the full. This book is hard to put down.

Feet in the Clouds


Running High -- Hugh SymondsRunning High
Inspiring, entertaining and almost unbelievable.
The story of how a fell-runner ran over all the 3000ft peaks in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland (and the bits in between, totaling 2000 miles), in just 97 days.

Running High?


Lore of Running - Tim NoakesLore of Running
It's a heavyweight for sure, some people call it the running bible, and others call it the biggest and best running book ever. It is a fascinating read and a very useful reference that covers the subject of running and especially endurance running in great detail. There are inspiring short biographies of many of the great runners together with great advice and science for both new and experienced runners.

Run Faster
Run Farther

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