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Interval training times from actual and predicted race pace

This page will help you to plan your own training schedule, it will help you to determine your reps or intervals times so that they have optimium training effect.

  1. It predicts race times at the common distances from a known result at one distance.
  2. It shows ideal repetition times for the typical repetition distances.

The conversion sheet covers standards between 65 and 28 minutes for 10k.

How fast should I run my intervals or repetitions?

To get the most effect from your training you need to be training at the optimum pace according to your current fitness. Here is an example to help you use the table below.

Example 5k session

You are training for a 5k race and you want to add an 800m session into your training plan.

Currently, you can run a 10k in 46 minutes and you are hoping to run a 5k in 22 minutes.

We can see from the 'race time' columns on the sheet that your predicted 5k time is 21:50, so your goal is realistic. Indeed, you might want to revise your goal to make it a little more challenging.

From the same row on the sheet, move along to the 'repetition distance' columns to the 800m times.

For your ability level, you should run your 800m reps in 3:19.

How many running reps should I do?

The amount of reps you do will depend on your current ability and training volume. If you are only used to running for 30 minutes, then don't plan a session that will take 60 minutes.

Our example runner above is likely to be quite a fit individual who is comfortable with longer sessions, so an hour session will be ideal (in total including warm-up).

We'll allow 15 minutes for warming up and 5 minutes of easy running at the end to wind down, this leaves 40 minutes for the reps and recoveries.

800m reps are quite intense, so we'll have 2 minutes recovery between each rep. Add that to our rep time of 3:19 to make 5:19 and we can calculate that 8 reps is 42:32; just right for our planned session.

Most training plans or schedules will include regular 'quality' running sessions like this. These are the sessions devised to develop running speed and speed endurance. Often referred to as 'interval' or 'repetition' sessions, they target the development of specific energy systems employed for endurance running. The ideal paces that you run your repetitions will relate to your current level of fitness, and this can be derived from recent race performances.

Download the interval conversion sheet as pdf.

running speed mph kph conversion


Race-time prediction is calculated using well-researched methods, but, of course will not be accurate for all runners. Indeed, variances in your own races times can point towards a development area for your training. E.g. if your 5k time is much faster than that predicted by your half marathon time, then perhaps you should be working on your endurance and hence longer reps with shorter recoveries.

The rep times should be used as a starting point. Ideally you'd be under the guidance of a coach who would finely adjust your times according to your current abilities and goals; we can help you with this.

It is important to base your rep times on your current fitness (recent race results) and not your target or goal time for a race.

If you need more help with this then we'd be happy to advise, so please get in touch.

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