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Bespoke Strength and Conditioning Plan for Runners

Want to run faster and reduce your risk of injury?

  • 8-week strength and conditioning plan specially for runners
  • Compiled just for you and your current abilities

Here's how it works

  1. Complete the self assessment tests and record your results
  2. Order your plan below
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  4. We send you your own, unique, personalised, 8-week strength and conditioning plan to help you take your running to the next level

Order your own plan now; your own 8-week personal strength training program for just £3.75 a week.

Run Faster

Most runners want to be able to run faster, of course. And most understand that the way to do it is by improving the quality and/or the quantity of running training.

The rule of specificity states that to be a better runner we must focus on running training. But that is only half the story, because we'll only run faster if our bodies are quipped to do so. It is not much use having huge amounts of cardiovascular fitness if our legs fatigue due to a lack of strength. Or, if we lose form because our posture breaks down.

It is now well-researched and well-documented that training for strength will improve running times. But, the exercises need to be specific for greatest effect and even better if they are designed especially for you.

What about injury risks?

Not surprisingly, a strong body is a resilient body, and if you have a stronger, more injury resistent body then your training can be more consistent. Nothing interrupts and damages running training more than injury.

Again, strength and conditioning training is a well-accepted method of reducing injury risks. Strength training will increase bone density, and also the size and strength of connective tissues. These adaptations become even more valuable as we age, when there is a natural decline in muscle strength.

Any runner who wants to reduce their injury risks should be incorporating some strength training into their running training.

So, runners who neglect strength and body conditioning do so at their peril.

Knowing why is the first step, knowing how is where many runners fall short.

Here is where a little expert guidance helps. We'll help you to assess your own fitness, then we'll develop your own 8-week conditioning plan that's right for you.

Read more and order by clicking the image or link below, or contact us if you have more questions.

Start on the road to becoming a stronger runner, order now.

8-week Personalised Strength and Conditioning for Runners

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