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Bespoke training plan for racing 5k

This training plan is created specifically to help you race your first 5k or improve your time.

Can one schedule work for both the new racer and the improver?

No, it cannot. At least not effectively. Sure, you can use a 5k schedule to get you in 5k racing shape. But, without knowing from where you start, without knowing your own life-style, your experience and abilities, it's only going to be guesswork at best.
That is why create a unique training plan for you based on a comprehensive questionnaire. Yes, it will take a few minutes to complete, but without some real knowledge about who you are we cannot create an effective strategy for you.

How does your 5k plan differ from any of the other distance plans you offer?

Racing at different distances makes different demands of the body. This might be obvious when comparing 10k to a marathon, but although more subtle, the 5k racer will train differently to the 10k racer. The effective 5k racer will be used to running at higher intensities, and your schedule will be based to train the necessary energy systems specific to running fast for 3 miles or 5k. Some 5k racers will be moving up from 1500m or the Mile and so will need to focus on different aspects of their training to the runner who is used to running over 10k or a half marathon.

So, essentially, the 5k plan isn't generically different to the 10k plan (because all our bespoke plans are unique anyway), but by choosing the 5k as your goal you send us a clear message of how to shape your plan.

Our schedules come in three durations: 8, 16 or 24 weeks.
For some, 8-weeks will be enough, especially for the shorter race-based goals; half marathons and certainly full marathons deserve longer. But the duration you choose really depends on who you are, and how long you want your schedule to last.

Order below, or contact us if you have more questions.

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