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Bespoke training plan for running beginners

This training plan is created specifically to help you start running and get off on the right foot so that you keep on running, and importantly, enjoy it.

Why start running?

Well, obviously there are countless of reasons to start running and if you are reading this then we assume that you've found your own reasons to start. Whatever they are, when you are running regularly you'll uncover all kinds of positive impacts on your life and being. For instance, you might have started to run to help yourself lose weight. Subsequently, when your weight is no longer a concern you realise that you've made lots of new friends. Or that you enjoy your vacation or holidays more because you've added a dimension in your ability to explore. Or maybe you find you enjoy your food more, or you can keep up with the kids now. And, of course, there's the big one, mental health: you can deal with the life's challenges a little better, you get to escape and return feeling good; these effects can never be overstated.

Why choose our training schedules to start running?

It has been said, 'why learn to do what comes naturally?' Yes, running is natural, but runners get injured, sick, de-motivated, fat (yes, it's true), they give up, they start smoking again, waste money on needless equipment, train ineffectively. In short, they make lots of mistakes — naturally.
We cannot guarantee that you'll never experience any of the above, but we will give you the knowledge, encouragement and guidance to help you get the very most from a great new way of life. Our expertise extends beyond running training (you can read more about who we are here) and so our plans extend beyond just a simple running training schedule.

Our bespoke training schedules span a limited duration (chosen by you), so there are no recurrent monthly costs. Some beginners only want or need an 8-week plan to get them going, others prefer a little more hand-holding. But, it's up to you, choose the length of program that you want — you can always come back for more!

The programmes come in three durations: 8, 16 or 24 weeks.
For some, 8-weeks will be enough. Once they learn the ropes, they are fine on their own. Others prefer the reassurance and extra guidance that the longer schedule offers.

Order below, or contact us if you have more questions.


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