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Downloadable Running Training Plans

If you've read the page about our personalised running training plans, you might be wondering why we offer downloadable training plans. True, the 'one size fits all' idea is not very applicable to running training; why should someone who can run 7 days a week follow the same 10k training plan as someone with 4 kids and a full time job who can train just 3 days a week? A plan for both of them will not be ideal for either.

However, not everyone wants or needs the luxury of their own personal guide. Maybe you're just after some tips and want to see a well-structured, free marathon training schedule and adapt it yourself.
Perhaps you just want some general guidance on how to move up from your first 5k race to your first 10k race, or how to run your first half marathon — starting from scratch, even if you are running as a complete beginner. So, although personalised training is likely to be most effective, following a well-researched, adaptable running training schedule is still pretty good.

This list below will grow as we add new schedules.
The schedules are all in the reliable PDF format, (if you need it, you can download the free Adobe Reader®).

Want to give yourself the best chance of success with your running training?

Sometimes we need a little help, cold dark evenings, food and drink tempting you away from your training? Hypnosis is a great way to ensure you keep on track with your running. We've tried and tested these running hypnosis audios, and can vouch for their effectiveness (we even studied hypnotherapy with this highly respected organisation).


Absolute beginner 5k or 3-mile schedule 8 weeks— free download
This is where it starts. If you are new to running, or have had a long layoff, this is the plan for you. It's an 8-week schedule, starting with a mix of jogging and walking to get you fit enough to run continuously for 3 miles or 5k.
When you complete this schedule, you should be in good enough shape to run your first 5k race if you're that way inclined. If you live in the UK then a great place to try out your new-found fitness is at one of the many Park Runs dotted up and down the country, they are free and are held each week, great for monitoring your 5k fitness and keeping you motivated to run.

Beginner 10k or 6-mile schedule 8 weeks— free download
When you can run 3 miles without stopping, you might want to move on up to 6 miles or 10k. This 8-week program helps you to progress effectively whilst minimising the risks that many enthusiastic new runners can face — those associated with overdoing it.
This training schedule follows on from our popular beginner's 5k plan, but you can jump straight in if you can already run 5k.

Beginner Half Marathon or 13.1 mile schedule 8 weeks— free download
The next distance many runners move up to is the half marathon.
This is another 8-week program and follows on from the other beginner schedules. Also, check out our review of the hypnosis download for half marathon training.

Beginner marathon schedule — free download
This is where it gets very serious, the marathon must be treated with respect. It doesn't matter if you are looking to break 3hrs or just get round your first marathon — preparation is more important here than for any other of the other beginner's schedules. There are plenty of marathon attempts that have fallen even before the start line because of illness or injury, you can minimise the risks by following a sensible, gradual, progressive, well-researched training plan.

Beginner marathon taper — free download
You'll want to start your marathon well-rested and ready for action. A taper will help you make the most of your hard training. This is a 3-week schedule to add directly to the beginners marathon schedule above.

Breaking 25 minutes for 5k — free download
So you're knocking on the door of 25 minutes for a 5k, but maybe you need some help to push through. Here's a plan to guide you to a sub 25 mins for 5k.

Spice Training Plans
Spice training plans are one step up from those for beginners. They add a little spice to your training to get you running just a little bit faster.

If you want to progress further and want a more personalised plan then please get in touch.

Or how about our Bespoke Training Schedules? These are unique to you and your own goals; choose from three durations: 8-week, 16-week, or 24-week. No monthly fee, just one payment for a plan created by professionals to help you achieve your aims cost-effectively.


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There might be some terms used in our training plans that will be new to new runners. Our training schedules contain links for these terms to be found in our glossary.

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