running training plan

Bespoke training plans

Because one size doesn't fit all

Do you want a running training program created specially for you?
Our bespoke training plans are for people who would like the benefits of a customised schedule, but don't necessarily want the complete hand-holding (or the cost) of personalised online coaching service.

Here are the features of our bespoke plans.

  • Program lasts for a specific period: 8, 16 or 24 weeks ~ you choose.
  • Compiled for the common running race distances, or other runner's needs and goals such as beginners' programs and programs specially created for weight loss or returning to running after pregnancy.
  • Not only are they tailored to you own goal, but they are completely unique to you, and are built around your own:
    abilities, experience, goals, lifestyle, age, current fitness and health.
  • No recurring monthly payments.

Schedules for specific races

Some races demand a unique approach.
We have extensive experience and can offer highly tailored running plans for:
Hastings Half Marathon
Beachy Head Marathon (formerly Seven Sisters Marathon)
Great North Run

Here's how it works

Simply choose the plan or goal that you would like to have created for you.
Choose the duration of the plan.
Order and pay for you plan.
Complete the online runners' questionnaire.
Once we have your personal profile, we'll analyse your own particular circumstances and create your unique program.
We'll then send it to you by email.
You then start your new program and work towards your goals knowing that you have expert guidance specifically for you.


What distances do you create schedules for?
The common race distances: 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon, but let us know if you have other requirements.

What other schedules can I have?
We also offer schedules for: weight-loss, running beginners and returning to running after pregnancy.

How do I pay for my schedule?
You can use any of the major credit or debit cards or Paypal.

What will my schedule look like?
Your schedule will emailed to you as a spreadsheet so that you can adapt its look and appearance if you wish. You will also receive a clear, easy-to-read PDF document containing contain sound, well-researched, professional advice according to your own special requirements for the particular schedule you have requested.

When will I receive my program?
Once we have your completed questionnaire, you will be sent your schedule within 7-10 days.

Are your schedules only for 'fast' runners?
No, not at all. We are used to working with runners of all standards, from beginners upwards. As you schedule is based on your questionnaire it will be designed according to many factors including: your age, experience, life-style, determination, general health, and many more besides.

What makes your bespoke training schedules different to others?
We are not just running coaches; our expertise extends beyond running and training. We have extensive knowledge of the areas that is needed to construct plans for very specific needs. We also have a wealth of experience and training in the psychological aspects that help to ensure that you stay on track with your schedule.

What happens if I get injured or sick during my schedule?
First of all, contact us. Often, you'll simply be able to pick up your schedule again when you are fit to do so. Sometimes you might need a rehabilitation period; we can advise you if this is appropriate and how to proceed.

What happens if I find my schedule too demanding?
Firstly, we really want you to complete your schedule and benefit from it, that way you might use our services again and tell your friends and families too. Secondly, for you to make any kind of progress your schedule will make demands of you and your body. Your questionnaire should ensure that those demands are manageable, whilst still allowing you to progress. However, if you really cannot cope, or find that you cannot follow your schedule, then we'd rather you get in touch so we can look at ways of moderating it if necessary.

What if I have other questions?
Ask us, we'll respond to you as quickly as we can.

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